New roots reggae for those who think

A great concert of the “BOTANIC PROJECT” band together with Tanin Jazz , DJ Essqeip and DJ Mo’reason will take place in “Graffiti” bar on July 7.
ERB has found out that it will be a farewell concert because, according to the organizer of the event Zmіtser Gerchyk, one of the members of “BOTANIC PROJECT” is going to move to Canada.

Zmіtser Gerchyk: “Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to organize a normal concert because one of the bend’s members is going to immigrate to Canada. That is why we have decided to present such a farewell show and we would like to invite all friends to this grand event!”

A new band’s album that is to be out in mid July will be presented during the concert. Moreover, “BOTANIC PROJECT” are planning to cheer the public with their new songs. The musicians are planning to perform as new roots reggae for those who think but they will also work in the field of funk and hip-hop.

A talented and quite famous band Tanin Jazz and their unique soloist Tanya Haroshka promising a lot of positive emotions and sun to the audience will take part in the concert.

Tanya Haroshka: “We have chosen the bar because of its cosy intellectual atmosphere. People who will come will be able to experience a lot of positive emotions, sun and good mood. Furthermore, such concerts are a rather rare event”.

DJ Mo’reason will present his new mixes to our sceptical public that is already acquainted with him and DJ Essqeip will present his solo compositions.

Furthermore, the first lot of CDs with the new album of “BOTANIC PROJECT” will be distributed at the concert.

Let me remind you that the concert will take place in “Graffiti’ bar on July 7 at 7 p.m.

Address: 16 Kalinin Lane
Reference and orders: +375(29)5725274 (MTS)
+375(44)7725274 (Velcom)

Photo by:  the band’s personal archive