Natallia Kachanava a new Presidential Administration head

Наталля Качанава ўзначаліла Адміністрацыю прэзідэнта

On December 21, Aliaksandr Lukashenka appointed Natallia Kachanava as the head of Presidential Administration. Maksim Ryzhankou will serve as her first deputy, reports the press office of the Belarus president.

Prior to this high-ranking job, Kachana, 56 worked as a Deputy Prime Minister. Ryzhankou, 44 served as president's aide on physical culture, sport and tourism development.

Kachana has replaced Aliaksandr Kosiniets who was recently dismissed from the post of the Presidential Administration head. It is worth noting this is the first time in Belarusian history that a woman holds such a high-ranking post.
According to the president's website, the newly appointed officials were tasked prior to their promotion to reform the administration. They will also be in charge of the optimization and de-bureacratization of the whole state apparatus, a better coordination between the Presidential Adminustration and other state bodies, including at the local level via president's aides.

Lukashenka has instructed his administration bosses to pay special attention to the state ideology and human resources for the government.