World famous shot putter Nadzeya Astapchuk placed under house arrest in Belarus

Nadzeya Astapchuk and Kanstantsin Yakauleu / Euroradio
Nadzeya Astapchuk and Kanstantsin Yakauleu / Euroradio

World famous athlete Nadzeya Astapchuk from Belarus has been released from detention and is now under house arrest, Radio Liberty reports.

In 2020, Astapchuk supported the movement for fair elections and signed a letter of athletes against the violence comitted by the security forces.

Unlike many other athletes, she remained in Belarus. On December 15, 2022, security agents arrested Nadzeya and put her behind bars. Russian journalist Yekaterina Yanshina, who spent 15 days in the same jail, told journalists that Astapchuk was very sick but even in such a condition she tried to protect others with her body from drafts on the floor in a prison cell.


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