Myasnikovich: New category of entrepreneurs may appear in Belarus

Мясніковіч: У Беларусі можа з'явіцца новая катэгорыя прадпрымальнікаў

A new category of entrepreneurs may appear in Belarus – self-employed citizens (without employees).  Head of the Council of the Republic Mihail Myasnikovich has suggested the idea. Artisans and owners of home economies receiving income from agriculture will be considered self-employed, Belarus-1 reports. They will be able to buy patents and do their business legally without registering as private entrepreneurs.

The introduction of patents will help self-employed citizens do their business in a legal way, Myasnikovich believes:


"The list of activities could be expanded and include construction and repair works and transportation of goods and passengers. Many people working in these fields are in the shade now and cannot defend themselves in court.”

People having such patents will be exempt from the freeloaders’ tax. One patent may cost as much as the single tax, Mihail Myasnikovich noted. However, the introduction of the new system requires legislative changes.