Mourning action in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow (photo)

A mourning march in memory of Boris Nemtsov was held in the centre of Moscow on Sunday, March 1. The Russian opposition planned to organize the march Spring in the outskirts of the city on March 1. However, the murder of the politician changed their plans. The action organizers cancelled the manifestation in Maryino district and decided to organize a mourning march in the centre of Moscow.

About 70 thousand people joined the march, one of its organizers Alexander Riklin told Forbes. The other organizer thinks that about 50 thousand people gathered there. Moscow police reported 44 thousand participants.

The police detained Verkhovna Rada member Aleksei Goncharenko. He reported it on Facebook.

"I have been detained by the police. They brought me to a police bus and took away my passport. They gave me the passport back, made me get off the police bus and hit me,” Goncharenko reported. The police took him to a police office.

People had to queue for 1.5 hours near metal detectors to get to the action.

Moskvoretskaya Quay is full of people

Novaya Gazeta: Nemtsov’s adherents Ilya Yashin, Mikhail Kasyanov and Gennadiy Godkov are walking in the first line. They are holding a banner with Nemtsov’s portrait and the motto: “Heroes do not die. These bullets are aimed at everyone.” The column has turned towards Vasilyevskiy Spusk. People are shouting: “Russia without Putin!” and “Russia will be free”.

People are walking slowly and in silence.

The exit from the metro station Kitai Gorod is closed and people are gathering from Lubyanka, the action organizers report.

The organizer of the march in memory of Nemtsov has been detained in Saint Petersburg because there were Ukrainian flags at the meeting, the edition reports.

The column has already reached Moskvoretski Bridge in Moscow. Boris Nemtsov was killed there. People are bringing flowers. The end of the column is near the River Moscow.

Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was murdered near the Kremlin in the center of Moscow late in the evening on February 27.