Moscow to simplify Russian citizenship procedure for Belarusians

Масква збіраецца спрасціць беларусам атрыманне расійскага грамадзянства

Moscow is set to simplify the Russian citizenship procedure for Belarusians, according to  the draft amendments to the Law on Citizenship being developed by Russia's Ministry of  Internal Affairs. The draft also proposes a similar procedure for Ukrainians described in the document as "mentally close to Russians," reports the Russian state news agency  Under the proposal, Belarusians and Ukrainians may also be relieved of an interview at the commission that evaluates the command of the Russian language.

Russia's Interior notes that "close mentality" is a key factor when it comes to Ukrainians. As far as Belarusians are concerned, Russian is a second state language in the Republic of Belarus.

It is yet to be known when the draft legislation will be tabled to the Russian government.