Belarus children and 'military-patriotic' education

"Military-patriotic clubs" are created with the participation of the police /

"Military-patriotic clubs" are created with the participation of the police / /

According to the Ministry of Education, there are almost 4 thousand of schoolchildren in Belarus who study in "military-patriotic" classes. As many as 337 special classes have been created in 220 educational institutions.

Officials note that "another segment of military-patriotic education of youth is the cadet system". There are 1,800 students in nine cadet schools.

After the suppression of mass protests in Belarus in 2020 and during the repressions, Aliaksandr Lukashenka's regime actively engaged in the "patriotic" education of youth, using the security forces for this purpose. In the "military-patriotic clubs," propagandists indoctrinate children, sometimes even inviting Russian mercenaries. The new job position of "military-patriotic education directors" has appeared in schools. Their task is not to educate patriots who love their country and know its true history, but people who are loyal to the pro-Russia regime.

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