More than 70 Belarusian filmmakers from 12 countries to meet in Warsaw

Belarusian filmmakers will gather in Warsaw /, sample photo

Belarusian filmmakers will gather in Warsaw /, sample photo

On August 18-20, Warsaw will host the first informal congress of Belarusian filmmakers.

The event is conducted by the private organization Belarusian Filmmakers' Network (BFN), which has published the program of the festival.

"The barcamp format we have chosen for the congress of independent filmmakers confirms the effectiveness of horizontal connections already in the planning stage of the event. We have included many suggestions from the participants in the program and left free slots for the realization of filmmakers' ideas "on the spot". After all, the most original concepts are born during interactions, on the wave of a common drive. The movement towards the creation of a common strategy for the development of Belarusian cinema has begun," emphasizes project manager, producer and fundraiser Leanid Kalitsenya.

Thus, the classic of world and Polish cinema Krzysztof Zanussi will take part in the congress and hold a master class "From amateur short films to Cannes and Venice".

Cultural critic and film analyst Maksim Zhbankou will moderate the panel "Death of Cinema or Life After Life? How to Make Movies Today", "Nomads vs. Systemic People: Mobile Art Activism or National Industry?".

The organizational platform dedicated to opportunities for filmmakers will include presentations by representatives of BFN, the Belarusian Independent Film Academy (BIFA), Belarusian productions, specialized media resources on cinema and 3D content creators.

The film program of the creative platform includes full-length and short documentaries, animated and feature films, as well as video art. Among them are "Handy Boy" by Arseniy Aleynik; "ChinChins flew like cuckoo" and the short story "Overexposure" from the anthology "Processes" by Andrei Kashperski; "Cat" and "Shirey Mara" by Nata Karneyeva, "23.34" by Tanya Svirepa and "Wave of Life".

There will also be master classes on how to make micro-budget cinema, how to integrate into the global context and how to promote films internationally.

The congress is expected to bring together more than 70 Belarusian filmmakers from nearly 20 cities, including Bialystok, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius, Gdansk, Kyiv, Krakow, Lodz, Ljubljana, Opava, Pavlograd, Poznan, Prague, Riga, Istanbul, Tbilisi and Haifa.

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