More than 10 Porsches for €100 thousand bought in Minsk every month

Despite the crisis, more than 10 Porsches costing about 100 thousand euro are bought in Minsk every month. The most expensive car has been sold this month and it cost much more than 100 thousand euro!
ERB has found it out in Minsk Porsche salon:

“The “Caen” modification is very popular now. The most expensive car sold here cost much more than 100 thousand euro”.

By the way, the cheapest Porsche model in the salon is Boxter costing 38.600 euro and the most expensive one is 911 GT2 for 162.200.

ERB will soon make a report about the effect of the crisis on new car sales, present information about the way of getting a credit for a new car without any income certificate and find out why many salons have started selling cars at the cost price.