Minsk refuses to dismiss head of local Red Cross office

Dzmitry Shautsou on a trip to Donbas / Collage of Euroradio

Dzmitry Shautsou on a trip to Donbas / Collage of Euroradio / Калаж Еўрарадыё

The Belarusian Red Cross (BRC) refused to dismiss the head of the office Dzmitry Shautsou. It reminded that the head of the BRC - according to the statute of the organization - is elected and can be dismissed by the Congress.  "September 7, XXVI Congress of the Belarusian Red Cross unanimously decided to continue the work of Dzmitry Shautsou in his position of Secretary General. Thus, Dzmitry Shautsou continues to exercise his powers in accordance with the decision of the Congress," reads the organization's response, which was obtained by the TASS news agency.

Shautsou's resignation was demanded by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. This happened after the BRC head's trip to Donbas in July this year. During this trip, Shautsou appeared before the cameras wearing clothes emblazoned with the letter Z, a symbol of the Russian occupation. The board of the International Federation demanded from the Belarusian colleagues that Shautsou should leave his post by November 30. Otherwise, it is ready to suspend the BRC's membership in the Federation and stop funding.

The Belarusian Red Cross also noted that no new trips of Shautsou to Donbas are planned. As the organization explained, there is no need in them.

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