Visitors to pay for Minsk metro rides using face recognition technology


In the coming months, Minsk metro plans to introduce fare payments using a facial recognition system. Minsk Metro management has previously agreed on this with one of the banks. First, the system will work on one turnstile, while the bank employees will test it themselves, said Deputy Chairman of Minsk city executive committee Alyaksandr Darakhovich.

The system will be launched for passengers only when it works flawlessly, said Deputy Mayor of Minsk, Minsk News agency reports.

The new payment system will recognize the face of a passenger which is linked to their bank card, using a 120-point camera. If the camera gets a positive result of comparing the face images, the turnstile will open, while the fare is automatically deducted from the card.

The system of payment using face recognition is now being tested in the Moscow metro and is already working in one of the Chinese cities.