Minsk City Court cancels Vyachaslau Siuchyk’s sentence

Мінгарсуд адмяніў прысуд Вячаславу Сіўчыку за апазіцыйную акцыю

Minsk City Court considered the complaint lodged by the leader of the movement Together Vyachaslau Siuchyk on November 24. Mink City Court took the oppositionist’s side and cancelled the decision of the lower instance court, BelaPAN reports.


Siuchyk was fined for Br9 million on October 28(50 base amounts) for participation in the unauthorized ‘national flag march’ in the centre of Mink on October 10. Central District Court returned him guilty of violating the order of organization of mass actions.


Siuchyk was not present in court during the hearing but his lawyer was. The court’s decision was cancelled because of procedure violations, the oppositionist said. In particular, Siuchyk was not informed about the hearing in Minsk Central District Court.

It is the second time Siuchyk’s sentences have been cancelled. Minsk City Court cancelled the decision made by judge Victoria Shabunya on November 3. She fined Siuchyk for Br10.8 million (60 base amounts) on October 9.

Minsk City Court sent both cases back to Central District Court. They will be considered by other judges. However, it does not change the fact that he is innocent and there is no reason to make him stand trial, Siuchyk believes.


Photo: svaboda.org