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Authorities refuse to explain why they ban concerts in Minsk

Head of Culture Department at Minsk City Hall Vitalina Rudzikava. Photo: Minsk-Naviny

Concert organizers have received an official reply to the inquiry they filed to the Minsk City Executive Committee.

In mid-June, businessmen who organize concerts in the Belarus' capital sent a joint inquiry to the Minsk City Executive Committee, seeking to explain the criteria the officials used when they banned several gigs in Minsk recently citing ‘low artistic level’, Euroradio reported.  

The authorities’ reply is signed by head of the culture department at the Minsk City Executive Committee Vitalina reports. The official noted they are not legally bound to explain the provisions in the Law on Culture.

In January-May 2018, 66 concerts were not authhorized in Minsk.

Yauhen Byalou who owns the "ili" club in Minsk who co-signed the inquiry is not satisfied with the reply. “This is a predictable reply. yet I'd  wish the authorities have been more constructive. They are not legally bound to give explanations. At the same time, they are not banned by the law to explain it, eigther. So why not start a dialogue?” he said.