Mikita Likhavid: I counted the day of release by a calendar

Euroradio has talked to former political prisoner Mikita Likhavid who was released yesterday.

Euroradio: How do you feel?

Likhavid: Frankly speaking, I feel very good. Everything is good.

Euroradio: What helped you to survive dozens of days in disciplinary cells?

Likhavid: Belief in myself. Belief in my innocence.

Euroradio: When you were there, did you have any opportunities to know the situation in the country, or were you absolutely isolated?

Likhavid: When I was in the disciplinary isolator, I knew nothing. However, when they transferred me to the cell-type premises, I had an opportunity to receive letters and newspapers.

Euroradio: We would like to know how a person saves himself when he is forced to be in a closed space, when he has nothing to do as they've taken everything from him... What did you do, what did you think about? 

Likhavid: It's difficult to answer this question on the spot. Mainly, I planned some of my actions after release.

Euroradio: Whom do you see yourself in the near future, what will you do? 

Likhavid: I cannot make any predictions yet. In any case, there's no point in making predictions. For example, if anyone told me on December 18 that I would be in prison in a day, I would laugh loudly. You see, how it all happened.

Euroradio: Did you believe that the authorities would go for your early release?

Likhavid: I knew I would be released in September.

Euroradio: How did you know that?

Likhavid: I counted by the calendar what would be happening, taking into consideration the situation in the country. In fact, everything happened as I thought.

Euroradio: When do you think all political prisoners will be released?

Likhavid: I think all of them will be released within the next two weeks.

Euroradio: What is your attitude to the fact that your mother has become a public person? Did you know what happened to her here, that she also was arrested?

Likhavid: We could not talk properly on the way home yesterday, as her mobile never stopped ringing... She talked to someone all the time during the whole way. I need to get used to this. I think all the fuss will pass away after some time, and the life will get back to the one I am used to.