Migrants from East marry local grannies to settle in Belarus

Up to 90 percent of migrants from the Caucasus and the Central Asia that are issued temporary residence permits in Hrodna, seek to marry local women in order to settle down in Belarus permanently. 25-year-old Asian males prefer elderly women.
This is the only option for them to remain in this country, says Liudmila Maliuzhats, a chief inspector from the Migration Department in the western Belarusian city of Hrodna.

Only one family from Azerbaijan managed to obtain a refugee status. Temporary residence permits are issued only on condition of employment. But, in Hrodna, only one large enterprise is allowed to employ foreign nationals. Only 9 migrant workers are currently employed. Most of Caucausian and Asian vendors at markets in Hrodna have a temporary residence permit issued by the marriage registration offices, according to Vecherniy Grodno newspaper.