Meeting to resolve Ukraine crisis started in Minsk

PRD is being represented by Andrei Purgin (in the picture below) who calls himself "Deputy Prime Minister" of "Donetsk People's Republic." It should be recalled that Purgin participated in the previous meeting of the contact group in Minsk which took place on 31 July. The so-called People's Republic of Luhansk is represented in the Belarusian capital by Alexey Karyakin, "Speaker of the Supreme Council." 

According to RIA Novosti, representatives of the self-proclaimed republics demand that Kiev declared amnesty for "political prisoners and members of the people's militia, as well as politicians, deputies, government workers and other staff of other structures of people's republics." They also demanded to guarantee their "republics" special conditions of foreign trade activities "considering the need to integrate with Russia and the Customs Union." 

In exchange for the fulfillment of their demands, the representatives of the PRD and PRL have promised to make "every effort to prevent splitting of Ukraine." 

Photos - Reuters, BELTA