Medics protest in Moscow

The action was allowed by Moscow authorities. Similar protests are taking place in more than 40 regions of Russia. People were holding posters ‘+32% for defense, -21% for medicine’, ‘Stop destroying the healthcare system’ and ‘Government must resign’.

Some participants were wearing black garments and were holding scythes – it was a symbolic way to show what the medical reform may result in. Communists brought a coffin with the inscription ‘I lacked a bed in hospital’.

The plan and schedule of the Russian medical reform was published 1.5 months ago. 28 medical institutions including 15 hospitals will be closed down in Moscow. About 7 thousand medics will be laid off. 

According to the medical trade union Action, the first wave of dismissals of medics has already hit the Russian capital. Doctors and nurses are being made to quit their jobs to avoid paying them the 2-month assistance that has to be paid after staff reduction, UNIAN reports.