Mazyr oil refinery prepares for a complete shutdown

Why repairs will take place now is unclear /
Why repairs will take place now is unclear /

The Mazyr oil refinery is preparing for a complete shutdown. The company has announced "a big repair campaign" during which "almost all production facilities will be stopped". In the meantime, it "continues to operate in a normal technological mode, processing the planned volumes of hydrocarbons".

It is unclear why the overhaul will take place now. The company's management "urges the site supervisors to constantly monitor the work of the contractors during the overhaul and to pay special attention to the quality of the work".

On the one hand, the shutdown of the refinery is understandable during the period of sanctions and problems with sales (despite all the attempts to circumvent them). But it will also happen during the war in Ukraine, and Mazyr is not far from the border.

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