Man detained for armed robbery in Orsha

Suspect is a 25-year-old resident of Minsk district, who was neither a student or employed. 
According to the press service of the Investigative Committee, at about 18:30 on October 30, a man came into one of the shops in Orsha, toting a firearm. He ordered the cashier to give him money from the cash register. When the cashier refused, the man fired several shots in the air and then shot one of the vendors who resisted the attacker. On collecting 350 thousand rubles, the man left. 

Law enforcement officers found him on the platform of the Horabrava train station  near Orsha. At the time of the arrest, he opened fire making not less than five shots at the police. Therefore, he will be also prosecuted for attempted murder of police officers. 

During the personal search of the suspect, the police found objects that looked like firearms, and an improvised explosive device. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. 

The detainee is making a statement. The police are checking his involvement in other illegal activities. 

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