FM Makei: No changes planned in Belarus-Russia union treaty

Uladzimir Makei/ Euroradio archives
Uladzimir Makei/ Euroradio archives

Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei has told journalists that Belarus and Russia are not planning to change the Treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia, BELTA reports. 

Suggestions as regards the further integration are still being discussed. No changes will be made (to the Treaty – BELTA), the Belarusian Minister for Foreign Affairs announced.

The fulfillment of Treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia signed in the past will be discussed, he said. Certain provisions of the treaty have not been fulfilled. “They are being analyzed and suggestions as regards fill-scale implementation of the provisions are being worked on. Current issues and provisions causing discords are also being discussed at the moment,” Makei specified.

By the way, Russian leader Vladimir Putin is about to arrive in Minsk. He has bene invited to the closing ceremony of the II European Games. He is expected to meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka and discuss the development of bilateral relations.