Lyavon Volski to perform in Freedom Square

Лявон Вольскі выступіць на плошчы Свабоды ў Мінску

Lyavon Volski will perform in Freedom Square in Minsk. He will sing the best acoustic songs on the summer terrace of Minsk café Chill Out on August 19. The performance will be part of the song contest Zaspyavai-3, Radio Liberty reports.

The organizer (Syarhei Budkin) has permission for the concerts of Victar Lupasin, Fyodar Zhyvaleuski and the band Leibonik together with Lyavon Volski. The document was signed by senior deputy head of the culture department of Minsk City Executive Committee Vitalina Rudzikava.


“This will not be Lyavon Volski’s solo concert,” Budkin told Radio Liberty. He will be a member of the jury and he has been asked to sing too. Despite having the permission for the concert, it is impossible to guarantee that it will be held,” the organizer stressed. “Maybe officials will be clever enough not to create obstacles and let Lyavon sing and support young singers,” Budkin hopes.