Lyabedzka fined for collecting signatures against car tax


Minsk Soviet District Court has made the decision. Anatol Lyabedzka has been returned guilty of violating the rules of organization of mass actions. Head of the police office situated in Yakub Kolas Lane Kisel (in the photo below) was the witness in court. By the way, oppositionist Syarhei Kalyakin was said to have been among those who collected signatures in the street. However, he was not there in reality. The witness explained the mistake in the police report by “a computer bug”, Radio Liberty informs. 

Anatol Lyabedzka and head of the campaign For Fair Election Victar Karnyayenka were collecting signatures in support of the abolition of the car tax in Minsk on January 5.  However, the report against Lyabedzka was drawn up only on January 12 when he was detained near his house. He had to spend 7 hours at the police office and was even taken to Kurapaty later, the politician said.