Lukashenka’s press conference for Russian media (online)

Прэс-канферэнцыя Лукашэнкі онлайн

Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s press conference started at the Palace of Independence on November 17 at 10 a.m. The President gave the press conference for Russian journalists, his press service reports. It will be broadcast live on the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio. The TV version will be shown on Belarus-1, ONT and STV in the evening.

100 journalists and bloggers from 4 regions of Russia arrived in our country on Monday, Euroradio reported. They got acquainted with the social and economic development of Mahilyou Region and visited Shklou District, Mahilyou and Babruisk.



"I will do everything to bring the average wage back to $500.”




"To produce energy, we buy gas at $160 and you buy it at $60. That is why we cannot increase wages.”




Unfortunately, we have not received a credit for this brotherly support.



"It was a feeling of disappointment because we had not done what we had to and a felling of happiness because the flag was hidden under a shirt like in wartime,” Lukashenka commented on the fact that Belarusian Paralympians brought a Russian flag to the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio. He called A. Fomachkin ‘a competent person’.



"We should be afraid of getting devoured by such a huge monster. But Belarus is not afraid.”


"We depend on the Russian market. The GPD will decrease by more than 2% this year.”



Bloggers from Russia have been invited for the first time this year.



Lukashenka started the press conference with an introductory speech. Then the journalists started asking questions. “It is not a pres conference, it is a trust-based dialogue,” Lukashenka warned the present.