Lukashenka's new decree kept secret

Lukashenka has something to hide from the people
Lukashenka has something to hide from the people

On January 7, Lukashenka's decree "On Budget Financing" was published on the National Legal Internet Portal. This is one of the last documents signed in 2022.

Unfortunately, one can only guess about the content of the decree. The small - half-page - document has only five paragraphs. The words "for official use" appear there seven times.

The only thing that's known is that the decree introduces some changes to one of Lukashenka's anti-crisis decrees: #93, "On Additional Measures to Ensure Stable Operation of the Economy". This document was signed on March 14 as a reaction to the sanctions under which Belarus and Russia fell after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, we are also left to guess what changes were made to the decree, as this is also a secret.


Весь новый указ Лукашенко "О бюджетном финансировании" — секретный
Lukashenka has started issuing decrees entirely "for official use."

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