Lukashenka's inauguration scheduled for November 6

Інаўгурацыя Лукашэнкі плануецца на 6 лістапада

As Euroradio learned, the inauguration of Aliaksandr Lukashenka is to be held on November 6. The Belarusian TV is already planning a broadcast on this day, as well as several days of rehearsal before.

The information was confirmed by the CEC secretary Mikalai Lazavik in an interview with Euroradio:

"Officially, the date has not been announced, but initially, November 6 was discussed. There are other changes, but any other date was not mentioned."

According  to Lazavik, the inauguration will take place in the "normal" format. The ceremony will have heads of state and local governments, ministers, members of the CEC, ambassadors and other guests. The scenario of the event is being developed by the Presidential Administration. It should also officially announce the date of the inauguration.

According to official figures, Aliaksandr Lukashenka won the presidential election on October 11 by receiving 83.47% of the vote.