Lukashenka: We have never been allergic to cooperation with USA

Лукашэнка: Супрацоўніцтва з ЗША ніколі не выклікала ў нас алергіі

The new relations between Belarus and the USA will be positive, Alyaksandr Lukashenka believes. The Belarusian President announced it during negotiations with U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence Michael Carpenter, BELTA reports.


Lukashenka: “Belarus’ relations with the western world and the United States are becoming positive. We are ready to discuss any problems with you. We are ready to cooperate with eth United States not only because it is a global empire, the leading state in the world everyone cooperates with, but also because we have never been allergic to cooperation with the USA.”

However, Belarus-USA relations are politicized, Lukashenka thinks. He suggested paying attention to the economy and mutual trade in the first place.

The military conflict in Ukraine was touched upon during the meeting. It is impossible to settle the conflict without the United States, Lukashenka thinks.


The Belarusian leader is worried about the so-called NATO expansion in the east. He also noted the defence type of the Belarusian military doctrine.