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Lukashenka supports idea of promoting Chinese language learning


Alyaksandr Lukashenka has supported the idea to promote the Chinese language learning. The President has reacted to the report made by Belarusian Ambassador to China Kiryl Rudy. Lukashenka conducted a meeting dedicated to the priorities of Belarus’ foreign policy. “I agree with you,” BELTA quotes the Belarusian leader. “All your suggestions will be taken into account and decisions concerning the study of Chinese (we are really being late about it) and tourism will be made accordingly”.


The language barrier is impeding the development of Belarus-China cooperation, Rudy said. The agreements allowing Belarusian products to be sold in China are in Chinese and Belarus lacks specialists having a good command of this language.  Chinese has already become the second foreign language in a number of countries, Rudy noted. That is why he suggested promoting the study of Chinese at schools and universities.