Lukashenka describes Belarusian economic reforms

Лукашэнка распавёў пра сутнасць эканамічных рэформаў у Беларусі

Our country needs to produce high-quality goods at reasonable prices, Alyaksandr Lukashenka commented on the essence of the economic reform in Belarus at a meeting with the Armed Forces commanders.


“This is the main task for the government and the military and economic complexes now. It does not matter what we produce but it needs to be sold and it should be sold at a reasonable price. This is the essence of the reform,” BELTA quotes the state leader.

The government pays a lot of attention to the issue and is trying tor last the President’s plan of economic development, he added:


We are in a difficult situation so it will not be possible to replace the real work of the economy by some reforms (even if they are radical). This is inadmissible during crisis periods,” Lukashenka said.