Lukashenka comments on Immortal Regiment: Nobody can forbid sacred things

Photo: Euroradio
Photo: Euroradio

Nobody has ever forbidden anyone to march with the portraits of their relatives and friends who participated in the Great Patriotic War. Such actions were conducted on Victory Day in Belarus many times. However, the authorities refused from the manifestation later because of veterans’ requests, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced after the official part of the festive ceremony in Victory Square. He spoke to veterans:

"Remember: Nobody has ever forbidden sacred things in Belarus and never will,” quotes the President. Veterans holding portraits used to walk in Minsk a few years ago, Lukashenka said.

"This so-called immortal regiment marched all over the world later. But veterans asked us to stop doing it because it was very hard for them to walk,” Lukashenka explained. That is why all the festivities are now organized in Victory Square.

"If people want to walk holding portraits again, we will organize it next year. Just do not politicize it and say that we forbid something. It has never happened in Belarus and never will. Everyone has the right to commemorate their heroes, walk holding portraits and lay flowers. This is sacred. It will always be like this in Belarus,” the Belarusian leader announced.

The city authorities refused the organizers of the action Immortal Regiment to march in Minsk on May 7. However, the organizers received the permission on May 8.