Liberal Democratic Party donates money to Belarusian Language Partnership


Belarusian Language Partnership chairman Aleh Trusau has commented to Euroradio as follows:

Trusau: "It was substantial assistance, two million roubles. There was a meeting with the party leaders, and Haidukevich Jr., my namesake, Aleh, held a speech. He said that every Belarusian should know their language; that he is studying Belarusian together with his daughter and will speak Belarusian everywhere soon. My old mate Kryzhanouski is the most active Belarusian-speaking person - we have known each other since the times at the Kupala Theatre."

According to Mr Trusau, the party members suggested they could take part in the events organized by the Belarusian Language Partnership. Besides, Liberal Democrats' leaders promised to subscribe to Belarusian-language newspapers Novy Chas and Nasha Slova.

Photo: LDP press-center