Lack of viewers at "Rocko-Go"

A festival of youth rock music “Rocko-Go” took place in Dopiewo not far from Poznan on June 28 and 29. According to the organizers, the festival is meant to give way to young prospective bands that have not managed to become famous in the field of show business yet but who have everything needed to do it. Slava Koran, one of the members of the jury of a contest that took place during the festival, stresses that besides giving nice presents to the participants, the organizers will be promoting the bands.

Slava Koran: “The “Rocko-Go” festival is organized in order to reveal good alternative bands that are not part of the Polish show business and promote them giving them way to the show biz”.

By the way, one of the prizes of the contest was participation of the winner band “Metanoia” in a festival of Belarusian music “Be free” that will take place in Lvov on August 7 and 8.

24 bands from Poland, Lithuania and Russia took part in the festival. Belarus was represented by B:N: and IQ-48 at “Rocko-Go”. Despite of the fact that the festival had not been advertised much and the lack of viewers, every participant had a benefit of participation in the event.

Andrei Yakushev
, the director of a Russian band “Caftan of Laughter” and the organizer of a famous festival “Empty Hills” told ERB that they had tried to advertise “Rocko-Go” on their own which was rather difficult to do from another country. However, he noted that there were some positive issues concerning the sound, the lighting and the organization.

Andrei Yakushev:
“We liked the good sound which is very important for us, the lighting equipment and the big stage…”

A Belarusian band IQ-48 is satisfied with everything that took place at the festival and beyond it. They were not embarrassed by the small number of listeners.

Sasha Rakavets: “We usually enjoy performing for ourselves and for listeners. If there are no listeners – we do it for ourselves. We had a great time at “Rocko-Go!”

Rocko-Go is planned to become a regular festival. Concerts will be organized in different Polish cities during the year.