Kolomoyskyi Wall may appear at Ukraine-Russian border (photo)


He suggested that Ukrainian President and Supreme Commander Petro Poroshenko started building a reinforced wall along the Russian border in Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkiv Oblasts as soon as possible. Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration presented the technical project of the wall to the President’s Administration yesterday, censor.net.ua reports. According to oligarch Kolomoyskyi, ‘the Mannerheim Line protected peaceful Finland from Stalin’ and Ukraine needs such a line ‘to protect itself from Putin’. Ihor Kolomoyskyi set Israel as an example too: “The wall at the Israeli border helps the country beat off theorists’ attacks efficiently.”

The project suggests installing a metal fence with barbed wire on the Russian and Ukrainian sides of the border to prevent people and animals from crossing it. Deep and wide ditches will not allow vehicles and military equipment to cross the border either.

The territory between the ditches and the defense will be mined and the metal fence will be energized. The Ukrainian troops, frontier guards and the National Guard will keep an eye on Kolomoyskyi  Wall.

The wall is supposed to stop militants, military equipment and ammunition from penetrating Ukraine from Russia.

The charitable fund Dnipro-1 is ready to finance the project.

This is how Ukraine frontier guards are protecting the border with Russia now. Photo: Reuters

‘Kolomoyskyi Wall’ project

AFP photo: Israel’s wall