KGB prepares provocations on borders of Belarus, expert says

Military in the forests of Belarus /
Military in the forests of Belarus /

The representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Defense and National Security Valery Sakhashchyk told Belsat that he has information about Aliaksandr Lukashenka's plans to further militarize the situation in Belarus and increase the level of aggression against the neighboring countries. According to him, the regime is preparing provocative actions on the borders of Belarus.

"It is known that the KGB has long developed a plan of provocations on the western and southern borders, for example, in connection with the spring offensive of the AFU or the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12," Sakhashchyk said.

For patriots in Belarus and beyond, the only right response to such nervous and provocative actions of the regime can only be to increase the readiness to fight aggression, Valery Sakhashchyk emphasizes. According to him, "the neighboring countries also understand the logic of the aggressor used by Lukashenka. "Accordingly, our readiness to repel this aggression in any form is growing," the UTC representative continues. "Belarusians can take part in it both on this side of the border and on the territory still controlled by the regime," he added.

КДБ рыхтуе правакацыі на заходняй і паўднёвай межах Беларусі — Сахашчык

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