Freelancer fined 10 times in 2017 for working for Belsat TV

In the photo: Kastus Zhukouski - second on the left.
In the photo: Kastus Zhukouski - second on the left.

Journalist Kastus Zhukouski has been fined BYN690 (30 base amounts) for unaccredited cooperation with the TV channel Belsat, according to the ruling by Homiel Cyhunacny District Court judge Yauhen Sharshnyou, BAJ press service reports.   

The reason for the fine was his video report 40 degrees, threats and water from toilet. Homiel ‘Kashtan’ workers describe unbearable conditions.

The court fined Zhukouski although he had shown a reference proving that he was not a full-time Belsat journalist.

It is the tenth fine for the freelance journalist this year. The whole sum of Zhukouski’s fines has already exceeded 9 thousand roubles or $4500.

About two dozen reports concerning videos used by the Polish satellite TV channel Belsat have been made against Zhukouski this year. Only one of the fines (imposed by Zlobin District Court) was revoked by a higher instance court.