Judges release students detained at European Maidan in Kiev

Judges pronounced similar decisions: the police materials were not legally presented and students had to be let out.

Over 30 students were detained on the night of November 30, liga.net reports. MPs took them away from district police offices in the morning. All the hearings will be held today. The police accuse severely beaten students of petty hooliganism and disobedience to policemen.

About 10 thousand people can be seen at Maidan in the daytime. The roads leading to the square from Kreschatik, Instututskaya, Gorodetskogo Streets and Mihailovskaya Square are blocked. There is a platform for people’s deputies installed at Maidan.

All the speeches made there are broadcast on the big screen on the House of Trade Unions seized by protesters on Sunday. There are tents, a first-aid post and a few barrels with firewood for warming yourself at Maidan.

Photo: liga.net