Italian police release Arynich

Belarusian security services have confirmed to Interfax that the Italian police have released ex-director of Pinskdrev Laran Arynich. But the confirmation is unofficial. Italian colleagues have not informed the Belarusian police about it officially yet.

"It is not clear on what terms they released Arynich,” a source in Belarus reported. “It does not really matter because the Interpol is watching it anyway."

Belarus asked Italy to extradite Arynich several days ago. However, the Italian police released the ex-director yesterday.

Arynich has been wanted since August 23, 2011. The Belarusian Prosecutor General's Office started a criminal case against him at the end of February 2011 in connection with a fire at Pinskdrev furniture factory which killed 14 people workers injured  over 20 people back then.