Iosub: 50$ a barrel is a realistic price

Іосуб: Кошт 50 долараў за барэль адпавядае рэаліям на нафтавым рынку

The Belarusian Ministry of Economy has changed its crude oil Brent price forecast from $57 to $50 a barrel which has made it closer to the actual oil market. Senior analyst of Alpari Vadzim Iosub told Euroradio:

Iosub: "This forecast matches the forecasts of international and Russian financial organizations now. The price of about $50 seems realistic to me: the crude oil Brent price will be between $45 and $55 – about $50 a barrel.”

Oil costs less than 45 dollars now but this is a temporary thing and the price may go up soon, the financial analyst noted.