Investors refuse from August Channel

Hrodna Region State Control Committee is not satisfied with the realization of the state programme of development of August Channel in 2009-2011. Check-ups have revealed that money needed for the realization of the programme has not been allocated (about 10 billion rubles). Furthermore, foreign founders are not getting attracted to take part in the development of the infrastructure. Planned investment projects are not being realized either. Investors have already dropped the idea of construction of a fishing village of 10 houses with a camping and a mill-restaurant and of a sports hotel complex in the village of Sonichy as well as rental agencies in Chartok, Dzmisevichy and Rynkautsy villages and a tourist complex “Nyomnava”.

Only project documents of two objects have been created with the help of budget money: a hotel and café in Chartok and a café in Nyomnava. However, the construction has not started due to lack of money, informs “Hrodna Blog s13”.