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Interior minister Shunevich in NKVD uniform at V-Day celebrations

Photo: Belarus Police

Belarus Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich repeated his 2015 stunt when he appeared at the official Victory Day festive rally wearing a NKVD officer uniform replica (a 1944 design). The Interior's press office reports that on 9 May he arrived at the Victory Square accompanied by his wife and daughter in a vintage car GAZ-67B. The family laid flowers to the Victory Monument.

"The Great Victory is a holiday with tears in our eyes. But sadness aside, we feel proud that we defeated anyone who came to us with a sword. I am convinced it will continue to be so in the future."

NKVD is often associated with the Stalin's secret police units that executed millions during massive purges in the 1930s known as 'Stalin's repressions.'

Ihar Shunevich in 2015. BELTA image