Pavel Vinahradau: I do not want to be political alcoholic

Opposition activist Pavel Vinagradau, known for frequent detentions and days of arrest, decided to leave Minsk.

"There are political prisoners and there are political conscripts, and I would be the first political alcoholic," says Pavel Vinagradau in an interview to Euroradio.

Activist already has three administrative arrests for "a state of alcoholic intoxication". Now they are beingappealed, but Vinagradau doesn't believe in a positive outcome. As a result, law enforcement officers will be able to send him to a medical examination at the detox centre, and then after the first protocol "for being drunk" the activist can become a client of the medical detox center.

"Liberalization is not expected on the eve of 2015 election. So I think it's better to leave. I do not want to end up in a detox centre," said Vinagradau, who continued to live in the capital, despite the arrest and hints that he should leave.

Pavel will stay in Minsk for about two more weeks. He doesn't know yet what he will do in Berazino. On cannot count to get a good salary there.

"I have three popular professions - a hairdresser, mechanic and welder. But even if I am very lucky, in Berazino I will earn a maximum of $300," said Pavel.

Pavel's wife Svyatlana will remain in Minsk - she has work here. Vinagradau doen't know whether and when he will return to the capital.

"If something important suddenly happens, I am ready. But I cannot say exactly when I can return," adds Vinagradau.