Hundreds attend Night of Executed Poets rally at Minsk suburb

Kurapaty, 29 October 2019 / Roman Pratasevich, Euroradio
Kurapaty, 29 October 2019 / Roman Pratasevich, Euroradio

Nearly 400 people came on Tuesday evening to the Night of the Executed Poets rally in the Minsk suburb Kurapaty to commemorate the victims of the Stalin regime's purges. Kurapaty is a memorial where the remains of the Soviet mass executions from the 1930s are buried. On 29-30 October 1937 alone, the Soviet secret police murdered over 100 Belarusian intellectuals - writers, poets, historians, culture and state figures who promoted the Belarusian national identity in Soviet Belarus. The people observed a moment of silence and held prayers for the victims.

During the rally, famous poets, culture figures, and activists recited the poems written by the executed authors.

Plainclothes police and KGB agents filmed the rally on cameras.

The Night of the Executed Poets was held for the third time.