Human rights activist Sudalenka suspected of spreading pornography

On April 14, Chairman of the Homiel branch of the NGO Legal Initiative, Leanid Sudalenka, held a press conference. The human rights activists fears that he could be imprisoned on charges of distributing pornography, BelaPAN reports.

The reason for the criminal case launched by the Investigative Committee was the fact of pornography distribution from his email and IP-address registered at the office of the Legal Initiative. As Euroradio reported earlier, on April 8, the Homiel Public Policy Center was searched. The police seized four computers.

Over the pornography distribution charges Sudalenka faces from 3 to 8 years in prison. The police claim that the address [email protected] was used to send pornography to the address of the tax office of the Soviet district of Homiel and some individual.

Human rights activist said that his e-mail was hacked in December 2014 and he had repeatedly turned to the technical service of the mail service. The box was restored, then hacked again, and then Sudalenka stopped using it.

The human rights activist thinks the criminal case was a provocation. On April 15, he was on his way to a scheduled meeting at the EU Delegation to Belarus. Sudalenka said that he could not get a meeting with the investigator, but as soon as he got ready to go to Minsk, he was summoned to the investigator.

He recalled that the police refused to initiate criminal proceedings, when the Homiel sites published insults and slander against him and even the information threatening to kill his younger son.

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