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Holocaust victims remembered in Minsk - in pictures

During a memorial ceremony in Minsk. Photo: Roman Pratasevich/Euroradio

The Minsk Ghetto was liquidated 75 years ago. 80 000 out of 100 000 Ghetto inhabitants were killed.

On 22 October, several hundreds people, including the ambassadors of Israel, Moldova, Poland, UK, Germany and other countries, gathered at The Pit memorial in central Minsk.

President Aliaksandr Lukashenka was not present at the ceremony but greeted the participants with a letter. He noted that "the Belarusian soil, soaked with the blood of innocent people, has already given new offsrpings andand grown a generation, which remembers the lessons of history."

Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei is making a speech at The Pit memorial in Minsk on 22 October 2018.

The speakers included Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Uladzimir Zhauniak and Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei. The latter stressed one had to resist to any manifistations of xenophobia and racism and counter ethnic and religious hatred.

The ceremony ended with flowers and wreath laying to the memorial stone.