Hockey players from “Dynama-Minsk” to win to songs of “Krama” and N.R.M.

Furthermore, the hockey players are going to promote the Belarusian language and to invite famous DJs and rock presenters to sports competitions as showmen.
The only Belarusian club of the Continental Hockey League “Minsk-Dynama” has decided to change their approach to their matches. The players have staked on rock’n’roll and the Belarusian language. A representative of the club Yulya Ulasava has told ERB about it.

Yulya Ulasava: “There are three “Dinamo” clubs playing in the CHL : “Dinamo-Moscow”, “Dinamo-Riga” and “Dynama-Minsk”. We clearly understand that we are all “Dinamo” but we are different in some ways. What is the difference between “Dynama-Minsk” and “Dinamo-Moscow” or “Dinamo-Riga”? It is different because it is from Minsk and it is Belarusian. That is why we are going to promote the Belarusian language more and more. Speaking about rock music – hockey is a sport for severe men. Severe men are more associated with rock rather than pop music”.

However, he said that the decision was not spontaneous. The hockey club organized a survey and asked its fans whether they would like to listen to “Krama” and N.R.M. or to, say, Iryna Darafeyeva.

Yulya Ulasava: “Our attitude to Iryna Darafeeyeva is very positive but we have analyzed how many men and women are among our fans. The majority of them are young men. I assure you that rock music is closer to them. We interrogated our fan sector about the music they would like to hear last year, - most of them mentioned Belarusian musicians”.

The club has already prepared a list of bands we would like to invite to perform during breaks at our matches and songs that would inspire hockey players for victories.  Now we have to settle everything down with the musicians. We need to know their attitude to it and to find out whether it violates the copyright.

Yulya Ulasava: “We have a list of bands we would like to sign contracts with and to organize their performances. However, everything depends on money and audio equipment here. Speaking about songs, there are Alyaksandr Pamidorau’s songs on the list alongside with compositions of such bands as “Stsyana”, N.R.M., “Ulis”, “Lyapis Trubyatskoi” and, of course, “Krama”. “Krama” and “Palats” will be played for sure.

ERB has found out the musicians’ attitude to the performances on ice and to the fact that their songs may be played during hockey matches.

The leader of N.R.M. Lyavon Volski has told us that part of the song “Hole of the asp” had already been played at a match of “Dynama”. He has nothing against it.

Lyavon Volski: “I have already been told that “Hole of the asp” was played during a match of “Dynama” and some other match, I do not know much about hockey. Our refrain was used as a sports hymn – “We will win anyway”. It was fun and I liked it. Let sportsmen use it, maybe it will inspire them for victories. I am not against Belarusian sports victories – I am all for them! I am large for it”.

He does not see anything bad in encouraging hockey players with live concert music either. He says that it may inspire them “to defeat everyone”.

The leader of “Ulis” also has a good attitude to the fact that their songs will be played during matches. But he doubts organizers will be able to create the necessary conditions for live rock concerts at hockey matches.

Slava Koran: “If somebody likes “Ulis”, let the songs be played. But it is very difficult to organize live performances during matches. In theory, I would not refuse to perform. But it is necessary to understand how and in what way it will be done”.

By the way, “Dynama” is not only going to embellish their matches with rock concerts. They will also change presenters. The programme director of a radio station “Radius FM” Uladzimir Bohdan has already worked for them on ice. Now they are conducting negotiations with Alyaksandr Pamidorau, the person Belarusian rock fans could see as a presenter at “Basowiszcza” festival.

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