Hamburg set to sign Dinamo Minsk's Putsila

20-year-old Dinamo Minsk footballer Anton Putsila is likely to sign a contract with the Bundesliga side FC Hamburg. German media reported earlier that the Belarusian could be signed for Euro 500,000. Dinamo Minsk director yesterday refuted the allegations, but there is no smoke without a fire.

The European Radio for Belarus has called Mikalai Shpileuski, the player's agent, to confirm the latest reports about the German prospects of the Belarusian.

“It is a fact that Anton spent three weeks in Germany and left a very good impression. But it does not mean that he has signed a contract.

According to the information from Dinamo Minsk and my personal sources, it is 70 percent true that Anton today left for Hamburg to undergo medical checks. If he passes the checks, Anton will sign a contract”.