Gold Apostrophe prize to be awarded in Minsk today

The award ceremony of the literature prize Gold Apostrophe will be held in Minsk today, on February 9. It will be held in the Minsk bar DK situated at Talbuhina Boulevard, 4. This prize is usually awarded for the best articles in the literature magazine Dzeyaslou.

There are nine authors on the short list. Three of them will get the prize (one in every nomination). For example, Danuta Bichel, Yaryna Dashyna and Lyudka Silnova are nominated for the prize in the category of Poetry, Syahei Dubavets, Syarhei Rublyouski and Andrei Stefanovich  - in Prose. Mikita Naidzyonau, Dzmitry Lavitski and Pavel Hazdinki are nominated for their debut articles.

The award ceremony will start at 6.30 p.m. Admission free.