Globes with Russian Crimea on sale in Minsk shops

Глобусы з расійскім Крымам прадаюцца і ў Мінску

Crimea belongs to Russia on all the globes sold in Minsk bookshops.

Euroradio has not found a single globe with Ukrainian Crimea in central Minsk bookshops. There are no such globes even in state bookshops for schoolchildren.


Globes made in Poland and Russia are sold in Minsk bookshops. At the same time, most maps are made in Belarus and Crimea is Ukrainian there.


Belarusian maps are made by Belcartography. They are getting numerous phone calls regarding Crimea, its editor-in-chief Halina Lyahava said. However, the enterprise sticks to the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that refers to the decisions made by the UN General Assembly.


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended sticking to the old norms as regards Crimea and the state border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine,” the editor-in-chief explained.  

By the way, Crimea belongs to Ukraine on the MFA’s website.

Глобусы з расійскім Крымам прадаюцца і ў Мінску
A school world map made by Belcartograhy.

Belcartography specialists are keeping a close eye on all maps and globes appearing in bookshops but only the Ministry of Trade has the right to take measures.

They are investigating the problem, the pres service of the Ministry of Trade replied.

Russian Crimea on globes is the customer’s demand, head of the Polish company Zachem-Głowala Tadeush Głowala told Euroradio. If they had refused to stick to this demand, they would have lost a big partner.

However, the businessman did not reply to Rzeczpospolita what he would have done if Germany had ordered globes where Polish Silesia belongs to Germany.

Globes with Russian Crimea were removed from Mahilyou bookshops the other day. The Department of Trade of Mahilyou Province Executive Committee ‘recommended that shops avoided selling political maps and globes where Crimea belongs to the Russian Federation’.