Frontier guards imprisoned for 3 years for ‘leasing’ border

Hrodna District Court has pronounced a sentence to two frontier guards returned guilty of power abuse and bribetaking.

The frontier guards helped their acquaintance illegally deliver cigarettes to Lithuania, Evening Grodno reports. They informed the man about border patrols so that he could safely cross the border.

One of them got $490 and the other one – $100. They sent the information to the smuggler by SMS.

It is not clear how many cigarettes were transported to Lithuania this way. A phone hidden in moss was found near the border. It was probably used for the messages about patrols.

One of the frontier guards was sentenced to three years in a top security colony and confiscation of property and the other one – to two years in an open colony. They were deprived of their military ranks. The smuggler was scented to two years in an open colony. He was only accused of bribery because the fact of crossing the border had not been proved.

The convicts are 27-36 years old. They are married and have small children. The frontier guards’ wives are pregnant.

The sentence has come into force.