Freedom Day 2017

Як у Мінску прайшоў Дзень Волі: фота, відэа, меркаванні

The opposition will organize an action dated for the 99th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic on March 25. The traditional manifestation will begin near the Academy of Sciences at 2 p.m.


Minsk authorities have allowed to gather in Bangalore Square at 12 p.m. but the organizers want to walk from the Academy of Sciences towards October Square. Ex-political prisoner Mikola Statkevich is urging to walk towards Independence Square.


The actions in the regional centres are appointed for 12 p.m.


Mass detentions of activists who could join the actions were performed in Belarus in the past few days.

There are a lot of policemen, driving inspectors, police buses and armoured vehicles in the centre of Minsk now. Driving inspectors and submachine gunners can be seen in the major highways leading to the capital.




The police have brought a water-cannon to TSUM (Yakub Kolas Square metro station). The manifestation heading to the city centre will probably be ‘met’ there.


Dzyanis Sadouski has left home and is broadcasting online from his car. As of 12.45 p.m., he has not been detained.





The riot police have raided the office of the human rights centre Viasna. They are the most effective rights defenders in Minsk.





The meeting started near the Academy of Sciences. People stbeganarted shouting “Live Belarus!” and took out posters and flags.




The editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda has been detained.




Mass detentions in Minsk.




People are getting detained near Euroopt situated at the intersection of Mulyavin Boulevard and Independence Avenue. It is being done this way: people are walking along the street, a police bus approaches, the door opens and policemen start dragging everyone they see into the bus,” a Euroradio reporter described.





A conspicuous photo of a Minsk yard. Keep it in mind when you are being told that there are no many policemen in Belarus:




The riot police are removing the cordon and driving inspectors have finally allowed traffic in Independence Square, Euroradio reporter Ales Piletski reports. This is how it was:


Photo: @potashnikov