Free Trade Union activist Viktar Stukau detained in Polack

У Полацку затрымалі актывіста Свабоднага прафсаюзу Віктара Стукава

On the evening of March 24, police raided the office of Free Trade Union in Polack. Radio Svaboda reports the police officers summoned Free Trade Union activist Viktar Stukau claiming some stolen things could be stored in the office. The search was fast. The police found no stolen things.

After the search, Viktar Stukau was taken to the Polack District Police Department. Another activist Mikola Sharakha was not allowed to represent Stukau. The police reportedly told Sharalha that Stukau was detained for allegedly swearing in public during the search.

Sharakha reckons the detention is connected with the Freedom Day rally. Several activists were detained on their way to Minsk.